About us

Ángeles de trapo is a family-owned company with more than 30 years of experience in puppet theatre, run by Iolanda Atalla, Julio, Maicol and Wagner Gallo. Since the company was established it has been recognized for the professional level of its theatrical productions during all these years. The company is always trying to innovate, to surprise audience and to break away from the established preconceptions in the world of puppet theatre. Its last productions have been included in the most famous national and international festivals and have won several awards. Its performances have traveled across many different countries such as Portugal, Switzerland, France, Italy, Brazil, Albania, Sweden and Uruguay.


Our play 'Error 404' was awarded at I International Puppet Theatre Festival (Albania 2018)

Best show award at FIT Festitíteres (Alicante 2017) - 'El carruaje de los sueños de Andersen'

Best show award at Festival de Títeres y Teatro en la Calle TitiriYébenes (Toledo 2016) - 'Viajeros del carrusel'

Special mention of the jury at Festival I Teatri del Mondo (Italy 2014) - 'Viajeros del carrusel'

Timeline of our company, discover how we got started!

Best show award for ‘El carruaje de los sueños de Andersen’ at Festival International de Títeres Festitíteres (Alicante)


Premiere of ‘El carruaje de los sueños de Andersen’ in collaboration with Teatro Cánovas and Escuela de Arte San Telmo de Málaga

Best show award for ‘Viajeros del carrusel’ at Festival de títeres y Teatro en la Calle TitiriYébenes (Los Yébenes – Toledo)


In collaboration with Teatro Cánovas and Escuela de Arte San Telmo de Málaga, our company has built all the characters, stagings and embellishments of our theatre play ‘Inolvidable Quijote’


European tour of our play ‘Viajeros del carrusel’

Important festivals:
Les Tréteaux de Léo (Épinal - France)
Semaine de la Marionnette (Dijon - France)
Festival Mar-Marionetas (Espinho - Portugal)
Festa (Ovar - Portugal)
Feria da Luz (Portugal)
Festival Maribur (Stabio - Switzerland)
Festival Internazionale delle Marionette (Lugano - Switzerland)
Festival Incanti (Torino - Italy)
I Teatri del Mondo (Porto Sant'Elpidio - Italy)
BOF - Burattini Opera Festival (Pesaro - Italy)
Ti Fiabo e ti Racconto (Molfetta - Italy)

Performance of our play ‘Viajeros del carrusel’ at Feria La Mostra d'Igualada (Barcelona)


Performance of our play ‘Viajeros del carrusel’ at Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes de Charleville - Mézières (France)

FETEN: Feria de Teatro Europeo para Niños y Niñas (Gijón - Asturias)
Feria Internacional de Títeres (Seville)
XXX Festival Internacional del Títere (Cádiz)
IX Festival Internacional de Teatro con Títeres, Objetos y Visual (Málaga)
Títeresí: VIII Festival del Títere y la Palabra (Asturias)
Council of Granada includes our play ‘Viajeros del carrusel’ in Circuito de Teatro

Our company teaches a workshop at Centro Folclore Malagueño y las Artes Escénicas coordinated by council of Málaga


Premiere of our play ‘Viajeros del carrusel’ at Teatro Pedro Muñoz Seca - Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz)

Our company participates at XIII Festival Internacional de Teatro y Artes de la Calle de Valladolid (TAC)

VI Festival internacional de teatro de títeres FITA Floripa (Brazil)
Festival A Pie de Calle (Roquetas de Mar - Almería)
Festival de Títeres TítereAnda (Rivasvaciamadrid - Madrid)
Festival Internacional de Títeres Regreso a la Ciudad (Castellón)
Festival Internacional de Teatro de Títeres (Alcázar de San Juan - Ciudad Real)
TITIRIJAI: Festival Internacional de Títeres (Tolosa – Basque Country)


Our company participates at Circuito de la Diputación de Cádiz – COCU with the play ‘Circo móvil’
Our company participates at XVIII Jornada de Teatro Siglo de Oro with the play ‘Inolvidable Quijote’
Our company participates at II Congreso de las Artes Escénicas de Málaga


Our company participates at Circuito de la Diputación de Cádiz – COCU with the play ‘El señor Scrooge, cuento de Navidad’
In the last trimester, among the puppet theatre companies, ‘Sr. Scrooge, cuento de Navidad’ was the most requested play to be performed by Circuito Andaluz de Teatro

Our company participates at Festival Internacional de Títeres de Mallorca with the play ‘Tres cuentos de Andersen’
Our company attended a course ‘Del Cuento al Escenario’ taught by the director Claudio Hochman


Our company attends three training courses by Junta de Andalucía: 'elaboración y presentación de proyectos, producción, distribución y venta de productos artísticos'

Council of Málaga includes the play ‘Inolvidable Quijote’ in Circuito de Teatro


Council of Málaga includes ‘El Espíritu del Cid’

Performance of our play ‘El Señor Scrooge’ at auditorio de Aranjuez (Madrid) and ‘Circo móvil’ in Circuito de Teatro

School programme, ‘theatre at school’, coordinated by Red de Bibliotecas del Ayuntamiento de Málaga with the play ‘Inolvidable Quijote’

Our company participates at the the following puppet festivals: TITIRIJAI (Tolosa), Titereal (Alcalá la Real), VII Bienal Internacional de Teatro de Actor (Cuenca), Teatro Pradillo (Madrid), TítereVera (Almería), Puente Genil (Córdoba), El Viso (Córdoba), Adra (Almería), Titiriplaza y Titiriparque (Burgos), Titirilandia (Parque del Retiro - Madrid), Galicreques (Galicia) y Titiribugo (Jabugo)


Premiere of ‘El espíritu del Cid’ at Feria del Libro de Córdoba, our company participates at Festival Internacional de Títeres de Cuenca, provincial goverment of Almería includes this performance in the summer program


Premiere of ‘Historias del Museo’ at Palacio de la Aduana in collaboration with Junta de Andalucía and in coordination with Museo de Málaga we perform ‘Entre frutas y chuches’ at Casa de la Cultura Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga)

Our company is requested to teach a workshop in puppetry at summer school (Alfarnate - Málaga)

Our company participates at La Ruta del Guiñol (Rincón de la Victoria - Málaga), Red Málaga - Circuito de Teatro de Títeres (Campanillas y Puerto de la Torre - Málaga), Jornadas del libro y Ludoteca (Torrelavega - Cantabria)
Several performances at Inauguración de la biblioteca de Cártama (Málaga)


Performance of the play ‘Tres Cuentos de Andersen’ at Biblioteca de Cártama (Málaga) and also takes place the revival of the play ‘Circo móvil’ at Festival de Cine en Parla in Madrid

Performance of the play ‘Tres historias tres’ at Festival de Lund (Sweden), Festival de Santa Lucía (Canary Islands), Festival Internacional de Títeres (Mallorca – Balearic Islands), Festival de Ciudad Real and Festival de Jaén

Performance of the play ‘Inolvidable Quijote’ with which we carry out a successful school programme in Málaga

Our company was invited to participate with that play at ‘Los festivales de Quijote en los Títeres’ (Madrid), Festival de Teatro de Río Gordo, Titiricuenca, Titirilandia, TITIRIJAI (Tolosa) and Festival de Segovia


Our company participates with the play ‘Tres Historias Tres’ in more than 10 Spanish festivals, among them Titirimundi


Our company settles in Málaga (Spain) and Julio Gallo takes part in Festival de Sevilla (Seville, Spain) sponsored by UNIMA

Our company participates in the following Spanish festivals: Jerez de la Frontera, Santiago de Compostela and Murcia among others

Our company participates at Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes de Charleville – Mézières

Revival of the play ‘Tres historias tres’ takes place and our company participates at I Festival de Títeres del MERCOSUR


We found our own theatre of puppets in Montevideo, (Uruguay)


Premiere of ‘Circo móvil’ at Centro cultural Pueblo Blanco (Uruguay)


Julio Gallo travels to Spain for the first time performing by himself ‘Tres historias tres’


Premiere of ‘Entre sueños y fantasias’ co-production at Teatro Don Bosco de Montevideo (Uruguay)


Apart from all the intense activities in the field of puppetry it is important to mention as well other activities our company has embraced such as: TV programmes, school programmes, tours all over the South of Brazil, theatre Pueblo Blanco and ‘Mercado de los artesanos’ in Punta del Este (Uruguay)


Our company participated jointly with ATU in a project to create a permanent space for puppet activities. This project is still working at Castillo del Parque Rodó in Montevideo (Uruguay) where our repertoire reached 100 performances and through workshops spread the art of puppetry


Our company participates at ‘Espacio del títere’, ‘Carpa de teatro municipal en la feria de artesanos de Punta del Este (Uruguay) as well as at ‘Centro cultural Pueblo Blanco’ (Uruguay)


Premiere of ‘Sarampión González’ with which we go across schools all over the country promoting a campaign for vaccination


Julio Gallo attends Festival de Títeres de Santa Fe (Argentina)


Our company participates at III Festival Internacional de Títeres del Uruguay as well as attend a meeting place in homege to Javier Villafañe


Premiere of ‘Magia y títeres’ at Centro cultural Pueblo Blanco (Uruguay) and ‘Muestra colectiva de títeres de la biblioteca del Teatro Solís’ (Montevideo - Uruguay)


The centre Lubavich requests us the staging of five plays, historic and religious ones. Shadow theatre, objects, gloves among others were some of the techniques used in those stagings that year after year were performed in bank holidays


Julio Gallo enrols in Escuela de Arte Dramático del Uruguay, Escuela de Titiriteros del Teatro ‘El galpón’ and Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes where he ends up his studies as a plastic arts creator


Premiere of 'La invasión de los pajarracos' at Centro Juvenil Salesianos (Montevideo - Uruguay)


Premiere of ‘La tijera loca’ at Casa del Títere (Montevideo - Uruguay).

Our company participates at II Festival Internacional de Títeres del Uruguay


Our company participates at Asociación de Titiriteros del Uruguay (UNIMA Uruguay).

Premiere of ‘Titirilandia’ as part of the first encounter of Titiriteros del Uruguay en Democracia

Iolanda Atalla and Julio Gallo found their own theatre company of puppets in Montevideo (Uruguay)