Date (2020) Show Place

9th February Error 404 Santander
10th February Error 404 Santander / Theatre at school
21st February Error 404 Fuengirola - Málaga
6th March Error 404 Portugal
7th March Error 404 Portugal
8th March Viajeros del carrusel Portugal
14th March Error 404 Portugal
15th March Viajeros del carrusel Portugal
18th March Viajeros del carrusel Valladolid / Theatre at school
20th March Viajeros del carrusel Madrid / Theatre at school
27th March Viajeros del carrusel Málaga / Theatre at school
24th April Inolvidable Quijote Málaga / Theatre at school
25th April Inolvidable Quijote Málaga
16th May Error 404 Barcelona
19th May Error 404 Austria
15 al 18 de October Error 404 Brazil
24th October Error 404 Badajoz
19th December El señor Scrooge, cuento de Navidad Málaga

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