'Viajeros del carrusel' is inspired by characters of the musical suite 'The carnival of the animals' by Camille Saint Saëns.

A clown enters a wonderful world of carousels; beside him, more than a dozen colourful automaton characters tell us short stories which are full of humour and emotion. It is a performance where we delight in live music and experience sensory stimulations that invite us to dream and travel through an awesome fantasy world.

Venue: street

Venue: on stage

Technical specifications
Minimum playing area: 6m length x 4m width x 2.5m height
Accessibility: access is required 4 hours prior to the performance to set up as well as 2 hours in order to dismantle
Release: 2012
Target audience: suitable for all audiences
Language: show without words
Venue: indoor/outdoor places
Duration: 50 minutes
Format: large size
Maximum audience recommended: 1000 people
Manipulation technique: automaton puppets
Electrical requirements: 220v power supply on stage/street
Lighting requirements: the company brings its own lighting equipment (lighting equipment is at your disposal if needed)
Sound requirements: the company brings its own audio equipment (audio equipment is at your disposal if needed)
Setup on stage: a lighting/sound technician is required during setup
Original idea: Julio Gallo
Directior: Julio Gallo
Live music: Iolanda Atalla
Puppeteers: Julio Gallo and Wagner Gallo
Thank-you note
Automation design technology: Norberto Larroca
Pedagogical advice: pedagogue Ángela Cristina da Cruz
Musical advice: professor Zinoviy Yurynets
Construction: Maicol Gallo

Viajeros del carrusel has participated in the most famous national and international festivals

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