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The Spanish embassy in Albania said: [...] an acclaimed performance, an astonishing staging [...]

Ilyina Elena Fedorovna, theatre critic - Russia, said: '[...] the performance Error 404 sounded very unexpected to me here. Basically everyone had the chance to see themselves reflected in the show due to it being a modern drama whose plot faces up to a very urgent and serious problem. The performance is piercing, very complicated technically and requires great skills therefore Wagner Gallo became laureate receiving the award for ‘best director’.

Cultural department of Yekaterinburg, said: '[...] the performance is very emotional which enables the viewers, especially the young ones, to reflect about the meaning of life'

Paco Alberola, theatre critic, said: I am pleased to observe that the performance is a production created with the aim of teaching by delighting, as Cervantes would say. The show is great and I highly recommend people attend and enjoy it. The scenic proposal is well developed, with a great deal of care and thoughtful consideration and wisely resolved in its plot, rhythm, images, supported by a continuous soundtrack that leads the show organically at all times.

Error 404 is a performance without words addressed to both children and teenagers, an audience increasingly used to new technologies, like Steve, our main character, a run-of-the-mill young boy with a simple and ordinary life, who is absolutely immersed in a world full of electronic devices.

This delicate and emotional play encourages you to reflect about the meaning of life, the wonders that life offers us and what we often overlook.
4.04am, dreams and nightmares take control of Steve’s night, beside him are four cold walls which are witness of his long and boring days in front of illuminated screens, surrounded by videogames, involved in intangible social networks and consumed by all sort of technological objects willing to absorb Steve’s treasured time. But today nothing is the same, after a series of unusual events Steve gets involved in a strange incident that will force him to make the biggest mistake of his life. Or maybe not.

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Technical specifications
Date of release: 24th May 2018
Place of release: Cánovas Theatre, Malaga

Target audience: 8+
Language: show without words
Duration: 50 minutes
Manipulation technique: table-top puppet

Original idea: Wagner Gallo
Direction: Julio Gallo & Wagner Gallo
Puppeteer: Wagner Gallo
Wood carving: Antonio Martín
Costume design: Iolanda Atalla
Audiovisual production: Wagner Gallo
Stage design: Wagner Gallo
Proofreading/language advice: Sara Paredes
Music: Kevin Macleod

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