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Sara Paredes

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Málaga - Spain

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The association 'Te veo' was created in 1996. It is comprised of companies from the same state and was born with the aim of serving as a reference framework in which professionals in the theatre field addressed to both children and the youth could reflect on questions and develop responses and so get projects started, such as improvements in the creation, production and distribution.


Association of Performing Arts for Children and Young People in Andalusia.
Through TIJA, Andalusian theatre companies dedicate their professional and artistic activity to children and young people for them to have a voice, a vote and visibility. It has an impact on all the children and young people of Andalusia. A major goal of TIJA is to promote equality, accessibility, diversity, play, and laughter. There is a place for imagination, for difference, and for our accents.

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Phone & Whatsapp: (+34) 656 465 672

Email: theater.angelesdetrapo@gmail.com

Malaga - Spain

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